Last updated as at 14 May 2021

AFA OOD, having UIC 030278596 is the administrator of the Website www.30.afa.bg (herein below the Website) and of the contents published on the Website.

By means of the initial access to the Website the user agrees and accepts that the visits and the usage in any way of the information and/or elements situated on the Website are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Nature and designation of the information published

The Website is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of AFA OOD (herein below AFA) and contains greeting messages from current and former employees, clients and partners of AFA, which have sent a greeting message or have participated in a greeting video for celebrating the 30th anniversary from the company’s establishment. 

The Website does not contain publications or materials, which are intended for a particular user or aim to provide him with guidance on his questions.

The contents of the Website shall in no way be considered as an offer or proposal for concluding a contract with the user in the fields of the services provided by AFA. AFA shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages suffered and/or profits lost as might be incurred by the user in result of the usage of the information published on the Website.

  1. Generated links to other sites (links)

AFA does not provide guarantees neither for the existence and the contents of other websites to which links are generated nor for the completeness, timeliness, accuracy and usefulness of the information contained thereon. AFA shall not be responsible for any damages suffered or profits lost as might be incurred by the users in result of the lack of information or usage of information from websites whereto it has generated links, since they are owned and maintained by third parties and AFA is not in a position to exercise control in this regard.

In view of the nature of the Website as a distinctive location in Internet, no warranties can be provided also for the lack of viruses.

  1. Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights over the items included in the contents of this Website (including codes, programs, schemes, graphics, forms, images, text, sound and other objects of intellectual property) are owned by AFA and/or its contractors, who provided to AFA the rights for the usage of these items.

Users of information from the Website are obliged to request the written consent of AFA (and/or its contractors, as specified by AFA) prior to copying or publicly reproducing, using in any other way, changing, interpreting or referring to materials on this Website and/or to the name of AFA in connection with such materials. 

The user agrees and accepts not to generate links to this Website by means of which:

  • to use the company name and the trademark (logo) of AFA unlawfully, including in a misleading and deceiving way;
  • to mislead third parties for the URL of this Website and/or circumvent the homepage of the Website, including to generate direct links to the information published on the inner pages of the site;
  • to use frames whereby to create wrong third party impression that materials of this Website are part of the website of the user.

AFA reserves the right to require each user, who has generated links as the ones described above, to remove immediately such links.

Each user shall indemnify AFA for all damages suffered and profits lost incurred as a result of unlawful referral to and/or usage, reproduction, publication, change, interpretation, whatsoever of any elements from the contents of the Website.

  1. Rules for Publication of a Greeting Message

You can send a greeting message for AFA’s 30th anniversary, which to be published on the Website, by using the contact form in section Send a Greeting Message. In order to send your greeting message, it is necessary that you acquaint yourself with the terms for processing of your personal data accessible in our Privacy Policy. [link]

After you successfully send your greeting message, it will not be published on the Website automatically but will be first reviewed by our administrators in order to avoid publication on the Website of spam, uncomfortable, offensive or other inappropriate messages.

Rules for publication of a greeting message on the Website:

  1. The tone of the message shall be respectful; it shall not indicate intolerance and shall not be judgmental, cynical or offensive; it shall not promote violence or hate on the basis of any of the following attributes: age, gender, appearance, marital status, social status, education, occupation, health status, religion, nationality, race, ethnicity, sexual or political orientation; 
  2. The message must be sent in Cyrillic alphabet (Bulgarian Keyboard). Messages sent in Latin alphabet or in phonetic alphabet (Bulgarian Phonetic Keyboard) will not be published. Messages sent in foreign languages may be published by assessment of AFA if they abide to these Terms of Use, where AFA reserves the right to make a translation of the message in Bulgarian language and to publish the latter accompanied by the translation.

In case we receive a greeting message violating the above rules, any such message will not be published on the Website. The assessment whether a message complies or not with the above rules is made entirely at AFA’s discretion. In this regard AFA shall bear no responsibility for whatever damages, material or non-material, that might arise for you from non-publication of your message on the Website.

  1. Amendments to the Terms of Use

The present Terms of Use may be periodically amended and updated. A notification for such change will be made by means of indication of the date of the last update. We encourage our users to regularly review the current Terms of Use of the Website.